• Obroková 13, Znojmo

Pivní lázeň 2 kádě (3 - 4 osoby)


Standard procedure
-beer bath in original larch bath tubs, enriched with beer-brewing ingredients (20 minutes)
-unlimited consumption of unpasteurized Bernard beer
-stay in cedar infrared sauna - for boosting the beer bath effect
-rest on a design hard wood design bed
Additional services for Exclusive procedure
-refreshment to a beer: rustic board (crackling spread, sausage, camembert, moravian smoked meat, pickled gherkin from Znojmo, sausage, cheese and bread)
-bath additive to enhance bath effect, selection: peat extract, original Saela beer foam, original Saela beer salt, herb extract
-2x takeaway beer special (IPA, Amber Lager, Black Lager with fine yeast)
-2x coffee of your choice, prepared from premium MOAK coffee of your choice or selfie coffee :)
-pleasant aroma therapy (fragrance of your choice from the current menu)
-possibility to listen to your own music