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Extracts from Czech hops are the basis of the beer bath.

    Effects of beer bath on human body

    The beer bath contains natural extracts of raw materials from which Bernard is brewed. These are mainly brewer's yeast, malt and hops. Brewer's yeast contains significant amounts of vitamin B and also active enzymes. These substances have a beneficial effect on our skin. They accelerate its regeneration and have rejuvenating effects. Hop extracts enrich the bath with hop essential oils. These open skin pores and contribute to the overall vitalization of the skin. The bath stimulates your metabolism. Harmful substances are washed away from the body. Thanks to the stimulant effects of the bath, fatigue and stress are literally washed away.

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    The beer also contains carbonic acid, which positively affects the blood circulation of the skin. Another component is hop grains, which remove dead skin from the body while acting similarly to peeling. Beer works with acitve ingredients of natural carbon dioxide and the brewer's yeast and hops acts against eczema, acne or cellulite.

    Thanks to the direct consumption of the beer during the bath, more than 30 minerals and trace elements get into the body, having a very positive effect on your body and, for example, drinking 1 liter of beer covers a considerable part of the daily consumption of zinc, iron, fluorine and copper, almost 50 % of magnesium, 40% of phosphorus and 20% of potassium.