• Obroková 13, Znojmo
  • Znojmo Beer Spa

    Enjoy the luxurious ambience of
    the newly built spa.

    We want you to leave our spa with an unforgettable experience.
    Everything must be perfect.

  • Znojmo Beer Spa

    A tour of the royal town of Znojmo
    combined with relaxation and rest.

    You can find us in the heart of the historical centre opposite the Town Hall Tower

  • Znojmo Beer Spa

    Beer spa is built in the environment
    of the Znojmo underground.

    A romantic setting where part of the history of the royal city immerses you

  • Znojmo Beer Spa

    In Znojmo you will find countless
    historical monuments.

    These include the Town Hall Tower, Znojmo Castle,
    Rotunda of St. Catherine and St. Nicholas Church.

  • Znojmo Beer Spa

    Regeneration and curative treatment,
    combined with Bernard beer tasting

    Beer bath has proven to relieve stress
    and creates a good mood.

  • Znojmo Beer Spa

    Cedar infrasauna
    boosts the effects of beer baths

    Staying in a beer spa also includes unlimited access to infrared sauna.


Satisfied customers are the most beautiful reward for us.

Romantic setting

The experience of visiting the beer spa is enhanced by the pleasant and romantic atmosphere of the Znojmo underground.

Always friendly staff

Our work brings us joy and we want you to feel like you are in a fairy tale. Our professionally trained staff will familiarize you with the spa regimen and then you will enjoy the whole area privately.

More information? +420 770 691 669

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Pivní lázeň 1 - 2 osoby

Pivní lázeň 1 - 2 osoby

od 990 Kč

Pivní lázeň 2 kádě (3 - 4 osoby)

Pivní lázeň 2 kádě (3 - 4 osoby)

od 1690 Kč

Skupinová koupel 2 kádě (až 10 osob)

Skupinová koupel 2 kádě (až 10 osob)


The beer bath contains natural extracts of raw ingredients from which Bernard is brewed. These are mainly brewer's yeast, malt and hops.

Brewer's yeast contains significant amounts of vitamin B and also active enzymes. These substances have a beneficial a effect on our skin.

They accelerate its regeneration and have rejuvenating effects. Hop extracts enrich the bath with hop essential oils. They open skin pores and contribute

to the overall vitalization of the skin. The bath stimulates your metabolism. Harmful substances are washed away from the body. Thanks to the

stimulating effects of the bath, fatigue and stress are literally washed away.

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    Improvement of blood circulation

    The bath temperature of 34 - 37 °C increases heart rate and activates blood circulation throughout the body

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    Relaxing of muscle tension

    The beer bath evenly heats the entire body. This relaxes the muscles and warms the joints.

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    Reduced stress and fatigue

    The beer bath and the bathing environment contribute to the overall calming and purifying of the soul.

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    Skin rejuvenation

    Live brewer's yeast culture delivers vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates to the skin. It contributes to softening and nourishing the skin.

  • It washes away harmful substances

    The beer bath cleanses the skin pores. Subsequently, harmful substances are washed away from the body through the pores and the body is cleaned.

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    Pore cleansing

    The bath in beer extracts cleanses the skin pores to remove harmful substances from the body.