• Obroková 13, Znojmo
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    Brewery history

    In 1597 the era of brewing beer in Humpolec came to an end and was replaced by the production of the brewery belonging to the owners of the Herálec estate. The brewery gradually grew and in the 1930s, its then owner Marie Terezie Fügnerová, employed 40 full-time workers and the annual production reached 20 thousand hl. The lager and the light and dark draft beers were very good quality and were sold in Humpolec, Německý Brod, Ledeč and Pelhřimov.

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    In October 26, 1991, Stanislav Bernard, Josef Vávra and Rudolf Šmejkal auctioned the bankrupt Humpolec brewery in the small privatization. They began to fulfill the dream of building a brewery. The first ten years after privatization (the brewery was auctioned for five times the book value and was technologically reduntant), the brewery fought for its survival.

    Thanks to the quality of beer, service and the gradual building of the brand, this dream came true. BERNARD has become a nationally recognized brand, however, the current Czech brewery owners, Stanislav Bernard and Josef Vávra, have another dream - that the BERNARD brand becomes a cult brand. To fulfill this dream, they are constantly investing in its development. For example, only in 2013 the investments amounted to CZK 100 million and in 2014 it is similar; many investments are also being prepared for 2015, such as the implementation of an office building superstructure or the expansion of fermentation capacity.

    Source: https://www.bernard.cz/cs/pribeh/pivovar.shtml, 2019 [online]